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 Hello everyone.

My name is PantsGonzales Tetsuro.

I'm a composer, but I play the drums.

[Wishes put into music production]

When you're happy, when you're happy, when you're having fun, when you're lonely

Music that gently snuggles up to such occasions,

I want to deliver a memorable melody to you.


2011 [Heart-island],

2013 [RETLO],

2015-2019 [UNBRANFORD]

After various band activities, I am now.

Requests for work such as songwriting, composition and arrangement

Contact page  We are accepting more

Please feel free to contact us.

[Awards and works]

(Press the song title to jump to the YouTube sound source)

● 2013 ●

[Lyrics and composition] "Sky over the rainbow" / RETLO

★ Music Revolution Semi-Grand Prix ★

● 2014 ●

[Lyrics and composition] "Pappa Pappappacino"

★ Music Revolution Grand Prix ★

[Lyrics and composition] "Sakura" / RETLO

[Lyrics and composition] "SKYWAVE" / RETLO

"Deliver the Sakura Front from Kochi, Nankoku !!!! TOUR" (RETLO)

● 2015 ●

Music Revolution Drum Skill Award (Pants Gonzales Tetsuro)

Music Revolution Jury Special Award (UNBRANFORD)

[Lyrics and composition] "Emblem" / UNBRANFORD

★ Shonan International Marathon Theme Song Semi-Grand Prix Song ★

2016 ●

[Lyrics and composition] "Hull" / UNBRANFORD

★ In charge of the theme song and drama accompaniment of the movie "Yuzuhime" ★

[Lyrics and composition] "Dolphin" / UNBRANFORD

★ Kochi Pet Business Training School CM song appointed ★

● 2017 ●

August [Arrangement] "Launch Fireworks -Pants Arrange Ver.-"

● 2018 ●

January [Lyrics and composition] "IKEDA DAZOO !!" Ikedada Zo !! "" / UNBRANFORD

★ Ikeda Zoo support song ★

February [Lyrics and composition] "Find the stars" / UNBRANFORD, "Sakura no Uta" / UNBRANFORD

★ Insert song for the movie "Kamii-san" ★ In charge of the drama ★

March [Lyrics and composition] "HORIZON" / UNBRANFORD

17th Japan Scout Jumbo Lee Official Image Song ★

[Arrangement] "To the future of Noto's power"

★ The 17th Japan Scout Jumbo Lee Official Theme Song ★

May [Arrangement] Mayumiyu "Love" "HOPE"

June [Lyrics and composition] "Birds carrying dreams" / Okayama Utako Suzu-chan

[Lyrics and composition] "Emblem" / UNBRANFORD

★ Double tie-up Kochi Global Security Security CM song appointed ★

July [Lyrics and composition] "Cider" / UNBRANFORD

★ Insert song from the movie "Kamii-san"

November [Music provided by: Songwriting] "Somaru" "Komorebi" / Takayuki Kanzaki

● 2019 ●

February [Lyrics and composition] "The sky is always connected to you" / UNBRANFORD

★ Kibi Kogen Saraburi Training Official Charity Song ★

February [Lyrics and composition] "Song of Shin Tosa" / UNBRANFORD with FU-KA HIME

★ Shintosa Driving School Memorial Song ★

July [Lyrics and composition] "Himawari" / Okayama Utako Suzu-chan

★ Reconstruction support song ★

July-August "TOUR 2019 First Outing Tour" (UNBRANFORD)

October [Arrangement / CD production] 1st EP "Life" / Ryuto

"If you like it" YouTube is now available

December [Arrangement] "Pretender -Pants Arrange Ver.-"

● 2020 ●

January [Music provided by: Lyrics and composition] "All push out !!!" / Sengoku Maishojo

February [Lyrics and composition] "Hikare Nijiiro"

[Lyrics and composition] "Hello World" / Natsumi Murota with PantsGonzales Tetsuro

March [Composer] "Sakura Gather"

★ Sakura Gather project song ★

[Lyrics and composition] "Spring gift"

★ Lady Omomo Akaiwa Relay Station Opening Commemorative Theme Song ★

April [Composer] "Spring Gift -Piano Arrange Ver.-"

May [Composer] "Goodbye, Golden Week 2020" (#Pants Piano Vol.5)

[Planning / Songwriting] "Pants Project No. 1 ~" rendez-vous "~"

June [Lyrics and composition] "Tabibito"

★ Japan Boy Scout Okayama Federation 70th Anniversary Song ★

[Composer] "TUYU"  (#Pants Piano Vol.6)

July [Composer] "Long for Hong Kong"

September [Music provided] "TUYU (without AMBIENT SOUND)"

★ Insert song for the short film "Memories is Isofuto"

October [Arrangement] "Kishikaisei." / Ryuto

November [Composer] "GIFT"

December [Arrangement] Completed version of " Pretender -Pants Arrange Ver.- "

● 2021 ●

January [Special] "Pants Collection 2020 to 2021"

[Lyrics and composition] "You"

★ Para x Kore Image Song ★

February [Music provided by: Songwriting] "Ai no Furusato"

★ Omotecho Entertainment Kids Music provided

[Arrangement] "Spring Thief -Pants Arrange Ver.-"

March [Lyrics and composition] "As it is"

★ Pants Gonzales Tetsuro 1st Single ★

[Lyrics composition] "Kiredas Magic"

★ Official PR song for pitching improvement gear "Kiredas"

June [Lyrics and composition] "I'm here"

★ Beauty SHOW Japanese Official PR Song

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